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, and greece and italy. when it comes time to vote, they will realize, don't ruin a good thing. neil: you would think. a lot of liberal are not great at math, realizing the big return you get from having a competitive economy, a lot of u.s. firms have congregated there and started opening up shop in switzerland, they don't want to chase that away. but some social democrats in switzerland say it is not worth. surely the swiss population must see that is screwy. >> this is why i predict this will be defeated. switzerland is the fourth freest economy in the world, they attract a lot of investment not just banks major multinationals like nestles and schindler, they use switzerland as their location for european manufacturing, and involvement. whether they are u.s. firms or local swiss firms, the swiss people are not going to wreck that, i would hope they shouldn't, you could go back 6 years in the past -- 60 years in the past, and new york was our richest most prosperous state, and yet they have high taxes, they are losing jobs to other states. neil: you would look at france, and some other country
? >> guesstimates crazy. i don't think anyone fully identifies either party. they are taking the position that they have to be pure. neil: and ideological type of thing. >> exactly. i would love to see a third-party form. the parties don't have to be perfect. up up up up up up up up. neil: are you setting up a group? why not? >> well, it's not even so much . it has to be something that you think about. >> i have 10,000 things going on. there was unity 2008, other folks have approached me. i am more than willing to listen. >> what you think of those who who have initiated and been targeted by the erez? >> i don't look at these things. i'm not paranoid to say that what is happening on the republican side, i'm not buying it. honestly, i'm more on the side that it's not a scandal. because i think that goes to the purity. whenever you take something and you take on 100 actions, you can anecdotal lives eyes and create any kind of story that you want. >> there was a pattern that. >> yes, there are multiple patterns. when you have 10,000 instances, it's the signal and the noise. you can find 100
opening at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. i don't know that it will be an all-night affair and we are looking for the people that will be disappointed with limited quantities, no rain checks and falling into that trap, and then they can come through 6:00 a.m., we advertise what we have, we're going to make a lot of people happy. neil: god bless you. unless it's a denny's grand slam, i don't know that i will show up. but what is interesting is that a lot of others felt the same way you do and then they started talking about their competitors. they started singing the competitors doing this. first tentatively and then earlier and longer. and they felt that if they didn't do this, and some of them have said that they were not fans of doing that. that otherwise they would be the odd retailer out. you feel that pressure? >> there is pressure every year. we are a family owned and operated business and we still have family values and this is what we choose to do. like you said, could we be giving up some business on thanksgiving day? well, maybe so. but i will tell you that the response that we have
that maybe the president wore a jersey, that might help? >> i don't know. he's got hollywood on his side all the time. but it hasn't helpedim much. because obama has dipped to 39% is this disaster has been rolling out and it has not been good for him and i think that it represents for voters in the united states and toronto, i think voters really do care about how the guide governance. rob ford is, you know,e's led tax cuts and whether the propelling job growth, fastest job growth areas in the whole part of canada. in the united states obama is overseeing a disastrous health care law. a candidate from the poll numbers really care about how you govern and not necessarily about your personal life. although that does play a role. neil: i'm wondering what it says with a reserve of goodwill you could have and whether you blow it or it goes away to what he can keep it and build upon it. the conventional argument is that this president is blowing away because the mayor, there might be more thathe can drop or painful revelations that are still to come, but it seem that he's trying to get us out of i
with that or not. but i don't see how he does not know that. neil: that is what worries me the most. because if you take that at face value, it means that there's a government going on with freewheeling spies doing their thing, oblivious to or in contempt of, you know, the president of the united states and that is a little unsettling. >> harry truman needs to have the famous plaque on his track that the buck stops here. certainly not with the president who seems never to know about anything. but looking at kathleen sebelius, she still has a job after this big bungle. the bosses away and the cats are going to play. >> the president might be perfectly innocent in his own right, but the staff is running roughshod on him and not only on him by the constitution. >> there's a question as to how engaged the a's. an article about how he likes to invite columnists over to the white house to discuss their columns and viewpoints and sometimes this goes on for 2.5 hours and not sound like a lot of fun. i think i would like to do that and that is not governing. that's not the president of the united states sho
, if you don't acknowledge mistakes, anything that comes, to the public's attention that shows, that those mistakes are there, that you had to know about them, breeds cynicism, maybe you are covering something up. people start questioning everything that you say. i don't know if we're at that stage with barack obama or people are in a cynical mood about the height care law. but -- healthcare but we talk a great deal about getting to the scandals of irs. he looks and sounds angry when he is citing them, but there is no follow through. >> there is -- not only is there no follow through, people should look up a column by glen kessler in the washington post, he is an equal opportunity barber, he hands out pinnochios for misstatements, he gave president obama 4 pinnochios for his repeated statements about the fact that no american would lose their doctor or insurance plan under obamacare it is totally untrue, that is what he has to correct. that has really brought into question his credibility, he will have to take that on, and admit he misled people and apologize. neil: what would be the big d
to go? several republicans incding me have said that, i don't think any democrats have said. but you are seeing some khinks in thagin the armor. neil: do you think this thing, as we know it, the is dead? this law between the sloppy roll t, prohibited prices for folks, a lot of folks who are switching, it is not wit ready r primetime, they will start over or democrats fighting tooth and nail? >> well, i would certainly not y it is clear that it's either dead or up for major revisions, there is a lot of rhetori talk and promises, but no major changes to the law, the left is still dug in over it i don't think we can declare that victory now, at all. but this law certainly bed on roll out is trouble. neil: reality is, many folks are pang more, about 4 milli fewer americans he coverage since before the law became the law, now reports out yesterday, continuing today, tens of millions of americans on corpore plans might be jettisoned or placed intoublic exchanges a year from now. that does not sound like a law that is sor of picking up steam or helping people more. >> no, it is gone from ba
that it's all about that, you know, i don't know this, bu i did find a pretty darn good tech person who has a good idea. and he is is responsible for the wanting out of pennsylvania avenue that should have passed the test of time. and teresa has some ideas on how the esident might still be able to salvage this. knowing what you did innowing what they have to do, this is the major le year. but go ahead, what do they do? >> my heart goes out to the tech team becau they are working 24 by seven affixes. in the first place, i get that playing out and i wold meet with american companies like disney and amazon and fedex never get tha outside advice. neil: this is abot catch up. but where those guys to say and we are hearing from a lot of techies th that is what they are encountering. >> stabilize the system and then make bad or do we need to actually build omething n. but the key right now is that we have to get this righ and then make those decisions later. neil: president bush met with every demand and traffic that would rise exponentially. and i don't know the rollout and how it is on the t
. neil: you don't know how many times i practiced that. i am neil cavuto, your own crew, says sorry captain, we' of wantf this sinking ship. tell your passengers that you were full of ship, you never factored in something like an iceberg. you better ice this health care disaster before it sinks the rest of the country with it. key democratic lawmakers meeting with the president at the white house, pleading for him to delay a health care law that is taking on a lot of water of, a lot of problem, so much so they beg their captain to turn it back now. but he said, it's too late. no. forget the icebergs ahead. full steam ahead. if i were you, i would look for a dinghy just saying this thing, is not looking pretty. to john paul dejour said look at the bright s tumble into water s a lot of hair products that will have your hair bubbling. what do you make of this? members of team brought it are abandoning ship? >> the democrat from alaska said, bad enough, and embarrassing enough that the president could not keep his promise but they are not doing anything to fix it right now. this hit hom
healthcare law once and for all. the young won't touch it because it is clear they don't like it. remember they are the very oxygen needed for it the source of funds insurance companies say they need to swing it let's say the young avoid it. how does the white house make up for revenues they are not getting for it? it could raise taxes, but that is n happening soon, so they could just bailout insurance companies like we did the banks, they like the banks, not unthinkable in particular if we're in a full-fledged financial meltdown with that law. what all this is getting at, i am getting at is this, those who push this will do anything to avoid the feed on this, that means they will do anything and everything to save the law. not only because it is the law, buzz because if you think about it, it is their law, tir cause, their crowning achievement, do not assume the hiccups meantime is up, and this unaffordable health care act is going down. what is playing o now is dangerous different transaction over who knew -- distraction over who knew what and when, we should be focussing on the secret b
and fitch and don't seem to care and you assume that your customers are at 32-inch waist and chiseled chest. let's just say fat chance. let's also say very good chance. >> it's great to be with you. you are right on par with your analogy. this will cost a lot more money and the will be the one to come around and more the system won't have an increased capacity. >> you're going to make an analysis by paying the penalty. >> you know, legislation was passed. >> it's like he didn't even have to take it, but he's covered because of the law. this is another thing and it's going to go on and on. the sign-up sunk the titanic. neil: it was not all that it was cracked up to be, i will tell you. and particularly, they are saying i told you so, i told you so. everything would play out. >> and then the notion that the butter knife needs to be taken to all entitlements. >> you think that he knew this when he was not up to speed. >> you were governor. and a very special governor. people are taking initiative with something you are doing and it wasn't going to go as planned. they are afraid to tell the emp
per month to keep the market going and the economy going? >> that's a good question. i don't think he would b in favor of it because he sees the reaction. neil: the things a lot easier for conservatives to say, we have 90 plus and he brings it down to 70 or whatever the federal govement will ultimately end up with more revenue and that is the heart of tax cutting you a nice breeze. and that iswhat knedy embraced and that's exactly the opposite view of the currentnt administration. neil: thank you, david, thank you so much. and would he endorse the big healthare law that is now a mess today? meet the business owner who says it's driving her to drink. >> obamacare had negatively impacted us. i had no children or history of drug abu. not yet. and this is driving me to drink. >> i received notice from blue cross blue shield in september that my health care plan was going to be canceled and it was going to be replaced by one that had been chosen for me and i will never except for someone to make my health care choice for me. i have no children. i have no history of alcohol or drug abuse ye
-searching. admitting yowere wrong. but it's something that don't always see it. it might be a subliminal mesage. >> i think there are a number of lessons and there are those that talk about austerity i not the answer and reform is and we really are trying to have a focus with eal people in politics. we expect our candidates to do things exactly right and i think in many cases we are not compromising byny means and that means being a firm conservative across the board. learn from others in our state about better ways to communicate and better ways to weed and that is something that we need to do nationally as well. >> touchÉ to you, governor. a fascinating book. scott walker, it's very different. it's not what you're used to reading. in the meantime, a huge storm that is looking like a perfect storm at the perfect time to hit in today's markets, a lot can happen in second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments
is consistent with what the state wants to do as well. neil: maybe the president figured that i don't think he appreciated the magnitude of this. but having said that, i wonder if this was really meant for those peoples that insurance companies were considering are considering dropping one whose land they were considering closing. because it is next to impossible for those whose plans are shut out to get them back. >> there is a huge mechanical problem. it takes anywhere from three to six months. so there is a question of what will the health plans do and i think they want to be supportive. they want to be certain that people have access to coverage and this is not easy. i think has moved from the white house to the state house and the whole question of what will the states do. neil: i have to wonder, let's say the president gets his way when he gets the reversal of all the good intentions to get people that were kind of burnt, hey, relax, you can keep what you have, but it's going to be weird because then you wouldn't have these other policies that won't be subscribing to the president's new
what we have. >> exactly. the point here, i don't care whether you're republican or democrat to make moves that are for the amican people. the health care issue is a lot bigger. you have some of my family that are staunch democrats. my long teeseven brother was astonished democrat. maybe due to healt care. they help him for real.licy pre. think this is a big problem for the a ministration. keeping up with what the rest of the world is doing in terms of real inflation. the resiency of the american people as having this market right now. neil: i will respectively disagree with you on the ladder. thatoes help. but what do you think happe now? because the market is going up despite all of the health care problems may be because of all the health care problems and saying tt this is a safe place for money even if ever the government is doing in the public sector regarding health is not. >> wl, the federal reser is holding interest rates low which is forcing money into the market because they cannot get a yield. so the money goes into the market. i agree with hat you and jerry say, obamaca
we never knew, now we know as well, they might still be playing games to make sure we don't know what is to cooe. millions more young people who just are not signing up. we can do the math. but don't think for a minute the administration or those who love the law have not, they have, it has, and it is worried. a health careaw spiralling out of control into an abyss. despite what you hear, an official white house line allow this one year delay to do its thing for us to sort out this mess. here is the problem with delay, sometimes all they push back is the inevitable. tonight health care expert tell it unless they can get more people to sign up and fast, you might as well stick a syringe in this right now, david cutler is not saying that in so many words but when the man they call architect of obamacare said this could be in the beginning of a date spiral that tells you a little what you need to know. top ha harvard professor, top health care advisor joining me now. what did you fear? >> we need to avoid a situation where unhealthy people are in one pool, and healthy in another, that wo
but are unionized and a pretty large and of in of their own right. that they don't get this and this is just me saying that. they're demonizing or not. >> it's a great point to bring out. the pay is in the top half, side-by-side starting pay is not substantially different and we offer an opportunity, an unparalleled opportunity for people to move forward and we are proud about that enable talk about that and i cannot speculate as to what it might be if things were different. >> okay, this includes the protesters motivation. >> when the council voted to all but double this and the mayor reverse that, you have three stores, is that back on now as a result of the mayor overruling the council? >> that is right, we had stores that had been approved and three that had already been under construction. and it's a fundamental economic equation and we have to evaluate that and there was no change from the city council. >> people at wal-mart but how big you are. you are an economic barometer. and when you forecast conservatively how the christmas sales might go, you are you're getting warnings about. he c
to sell the limited government cases as long as they don't get on our case. it is that big, that simple, that central command i think it is a story. the young republicans to say it is republicans moment to shine or just disappear because young folks are fed up. i want you to forget mr. smith goes to washington. more like ms. smith, and she has a message for washington. chair of the college republican national committee. a very good to have you. >> thank you so much. that's beyond. neil: did i get that about right? is that a growing mood among young americans? >> i believe so. i think that they are looking at the cost of the plans, looking at the other personal costs that they have in their lives, student loans, personal debt. they're looking at these plans, the 200 percent increase in premiums in some cases and saying it is not worth it. neil: even for a lot to have no insurance now, they obviously blindness seems to be affordable policies. it is not worth the effort. >> that is going to enter into all of the cost calculations. and what we are seeing a particular is that smaller schools
per month to keep the market goingnd the economy going? >> that's a go question. i don't think he would be in favor of it because he sees the reaction. neil: the things a ot easier for conservatives to say, we have 90 plus and he bris it down to 70 or whatever the federal government wil ultimately end up with more revenue and that is the heart of tax cutting you a nice breeze. and that is what kennedy embraced and that's exactly the opposite view of the current administration. neil: thank you, david, than you so much. and would he endorse the big alth care law that is now a mess today? meet thebusiness ownerwho sas it's driving her to dink. >> obamacare h had negatively impacted us. i had no children or history of drug abuse. not yet. not yet. and this is driving me too drin. the ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anovy. invested in the world. bny mell
's a good question. i don't think he would be in favor of it because he sees the reaction. neil: the things a lot easier for conservatives to say, we have 90 plus and he brings it down to 70 or whatever the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenue and that is the heart of tax cutting you a nice breeze. and that is what kennedy embraced and that's exactly th opposite view of the current administration. neil: thank you, david, thank you so much. and would he endorse the big health care law that inow a mess today? meet the business owner who says it's driving her to drink. >> obamacare had negatively impacted us. i had no children or history of drug abuse. not yet. not yet. and this is driving me to drink. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is b
, and president obama, with his national elections we're at an election night event, they don't call them victory parties yet. but they say there is reason to celebrate, they are feeling confident, they have led in polls for months. but in a way this has been a very negative election. they refuse togo so because they didn't file either candidate of the worthy of support, this came with a high price tag, terry mcauliffe raised millions of dollars. they have campaigned for him, he has help from president and vice president, he hopes that is enough to push him through, right now, not as much of a run away in new jersey it is close. they are watching votes, they have led for some time, but that is why they count the votes. neil: there are polls, and then the final-day results on election day. who knows that better than my next guest, former governor of fine state of verg virginia, dos wilder, i have to ask you, we were talking about polls, i believe going into your election, you were up 20 points by some polls, you won but it was a squeaker. what do you make of what could be a contest. >> i'm note su
options. you don't have to spend less if you have higher taxes in new york orolorado, you move. there is no national tax increase. gerri: people from new york city are apoplectic because a year you save $70,000 but that is median income in this town. a lot of people will vote with their feet. >> in hampshire, tennesse, texas, florida, nevada, and no ince tax n for millionaires, and nobody. they love to have people who earn money and work hard move to those states. colorado could learn from california that people will ave. >> that is happening right now some of the big banks in new york city are moving operations to jacksonville florida, a salt lake city city, increasing taxes will simply reinforce the trend and the city of new york in the long run will end up with far less tax revenue than what they had expected after implementing the tax hikes. >> new york is a wonderful city. so is europe. go visit and live the. [laughter] gerri: you make a good point but talk about the middle-class. the people who are under arrest, fewer and fewer people, taxes gop, you were talking about th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 60 (some duplicates have been removed)